The revolutionary Veggie Cage will transform the way you garden!

  Use it to grow climbing vegetables, flowers and much more

The  Veggie Cage   is unique and the PERFECT solution for the serious home gardener - because the 'cage' is a flexible spiral that extends up to 7 ft tall, where even the most vigorous climbing or vining plants (beans, peas, sweet peas, cucumbers and small variety tomatoes etc.) are safely secured within its sturdy coils.

Many traditional vegetable cages are just not tall or stable enough to handle full-grown plants and using stakes & ties can be tedious, time consuming and could cause breakage to plants as they grow.

The Veggie Cage can be attached to your choice of stake, either round or square, wood, plastic or metal, and simply tightened down using the screw clamp, making your Veggie Cage ready to stand tall and secure for the growing season.

At the end of the plants useful life simply collapse the Veggie Cage down and store it away for next season.

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