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One of the challenges faced when growing healthy tomatoes, is being able to keep them supported as they grow and the need to find something to tie the plant to the stake to keep the branches and fruit up off the ground. 

The innovative, oval shaped Tomato Ring has been designed specifically for growing tomatoes and takes the hard work out of keeping the plants upright as they grow and helping the plants to deliver a healthy crop.   
Whether it's the freedom the plant has by not being tied tightly to a stake or the movement of air throughout the foliage, your tomatoes will thrive when supported by the Tomato Ring. 
  • Made of galvanised spring steel, the revolutionary Tomato Ring is the strongest tomato support available on the market. 

Experience the convenient support of a cage with the height and stability of a stake without the bulk of a cage or tedious tying and retying as the plant grows.The Tomato Ring is a durable, easy to use cage on a stake! Please take a look at the Video below and you will see exactly what you need to do to get growing!
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The Tomato Ring is everything you need in a solid veggie support: 
  • Easy to use 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Supports tomato plants without tying 
  • Fits all typical support stakes 
  • Easy to store at the end of the season 
  • Absolutely no tying needed 

You can use one, two or three tomato rings when growing - it simply depends on the type of of tomato you decide to grow and the size of plant you choose.

All you need to do to get started is to simply secure the first ring around the stem of your plant (about 30 centimetres/1 foot) off the ground and as your plant grows you simply move the ring/rings up the stake - it's easy as that!

As a guide most tomato plants will need 3 rings - always remember to use a tall, sturdy stake (wooden, steel or plastic) which has been driven firmly into the ground.   

The Tomato Ring can also be used to support chilli plants, eggplants, raspberries and even roses.



The innovativeTomato Ring
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